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The research is coming to me

Usually, when we’re sending a research team to you, it’s because your study has an ethnographic component. This means we want to observe human behavior in its natural context—such as in the home, workplace, or at a social gathering—instead of just discussing ideas in a more traditional focus group setting. In addition to hearing what you have to say, the researchers want to really see and understand how you interact with the study topics.

Our research teams are well-trained professionals who are careful to conduct the research without being obstructive or intrusive. They will, however, need your undivided attention for the duration of the session.

If we’re coming to your office, please be sure your calendar is clear for the allotted time. If there are any security protocols we’ll need to enter your building, please be sure we have this information.

If we’re coming to you home, please be sure to keep pets out of the way, and any other household members are otherwise occupied. If there is any special information we need to know to (an apartment buzzer number, or the security code for your front gate, for example), please be sure we have this information.

You should already have the names of the researchers, their arrival times, and what to expect. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call.